We are always looking for cool guys to join the team, no matter to the staff or for a project work. For our part, we will do everything to arrange a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere for you.


Friendly office
Grab your laptop, make some coffee and crash on the couch. If you are hungry, there are snacks in the kitchen. And for inspiration we share a subscription to Mastercless with you.
«Officially» does not mean boring
We work honestly and clear, employ everyone officially, pay taxes and fees and so on. Lawful registration for successful cooperation!
Are you well-watched? This is encouraged! During the period of the iconic awards [Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe], we hold a contest - whoever guesses the most winners gets nice bonuses. Before the pandemic, we also went to cinemas together. Hopefully it will come back soon!)
Growth and study
You will grow participating in projects + we give you opportunities for self-development. You can choose an educational course on any platform, and the studio pays for it invests in you. There were some cases in which employees' salary grew by 40%-60% over the course of a year because of their growing competence. So it's up to you!
We have different payment methods: prepayment, post-payment, step-by-step payment. As a rule, all payment dates are strictly observed with us. In case of delays, we pay fines in accordance with a contract.
Cloud Office
We communicate in Telegram and Discord. Calls on Zoom (+Discord). We use Trello for tracking projects. For production: Adobe and Toon Boom packages. We pay for access to the software.
«Officially» does not mean boring
We work honestly and clear, employ everyone officially, pay taxes and fees and so on (on your part, self-employment/IE/OOO (limited liability company), you can count on our help with registration). Also we will acquaint you with digital signature and show how convenient it is.
Hardware support
Perhaps your hardware will not handle our project. In this case, we can send individual components (for example, a video card) or a laptop/computer system unit, etc.
You like our ideas or you want to share your own? Click on the suitable vacancy and fill in the feedback form. Perhaps it is our synergy that will blow up all the charts!
All vacancy
No open positions are available yet. But we have a form below for such a case.
We also want you to join one of our studio units as soon as possible, so write what area you want to work for and fill in the form.
We are always ready to offer internships to cool guys. Tell us about yourself and don't forget to attach your resume and portfolio.